With over two years of experience, I am well-versed in the Linux command-line environment and shell scripting. As a primary user of Linux OS, I have gained a deep understanding of various command-line tools and their terminal usage.

I have used bash to automate repetitive actions in my daily life, and have created several scripts that I use with machine shortcuts, such as:

  • 🔗 : Recursively download files from an index.
  • 🔗 : Regularly checks for new notices from TU and notifies me only if there is something new.
  • 🔗 : Alternative to VScode live server. It watches for file changes and automatically switches to a browser window showing the new changes. It is handy when working with frontend projects.
  • 🔗 : Fetches news from the onlinekhabar RSS feed, extracts headlines, and shows them in notifications.