Currently, I am Associate Backend Engineer at 🔗Codniv Innovations , software company based in Basundhara, Kathmandu.

My portfolio:

  • Transitioned into a full-time role, leveraging the knowledge of Node.js, Linux, and AWS ecosystem.
  • Embraced DevOps practices, mastering AWS CLI and AWS CDK.
  • Designed a streamlined, one-click automation solution for deploying multifaceted AWS components, including AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway web socket, AWS RDS, Cloudfront, Route53, and more.
  • Made CI/CD Pipeline using AWS resources (cloud commit, code build, code deploy) for efficient deployment and comprehensive testing.
  • Configured Nginx on AWS EC2 instances to route users to specific APIs based on their country, ensuring tailored experiences for different regions.
  • Migrated critical modules into serverless architecture, optimizing performance and resource allocation.
  • Implemented passwordless authentication strategies within the application, enabling users to utilize social media, web3, email+OTP, and other secure authentication methods.
  • Elevated the existing Golang project by adding more API, enhancing overall functionality.
  • Continued to excel in a dynamic remote work environment, consistently seeking new challenges and growth opportunities.